Meet the Trans Time Express team

Chief Executive Officer

Mona Toosi

Chief Operations Manager

Ali Sherafaddin

VP_Operations Manager

Bobby Sharafeddin

Chief Financial Officer

Sean Molkara

Office Manager

Ben Diyoun

Regional Manager

AJ Sharafeddin

Logistics Manager

Scott Smolinski

Logistics Manager

Scott Kristiansen

Account Executive

Naz Zori

CSR Manager

TC Barbett

Warehouse Manager

Bob White

Director of Special Operations

Joe Schaufele

Trans Time Express
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With our multi-sized vehicle fleet (includes bicycles, mopeds, cars, vans, and large fleet trucks) and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week availability, we are able to mold our services to fit your specific needs. A state of the art computerized dispatch system and a wide variety of service levels further enables Trans Time Express to offer more efficient, personalized service at a lower cost to the customer.

Our bonded, professional, and uniformed drivers are in constant contact with our dispatchers who have over 20 years of experience in the courier industry. The fluid communication driven by our technology between drivers and dispatchers allows us to relay timely delivery details that our customers rely on.

Thanks again for taking the time to review the services Trans Time Express has to offer. If you have any questions or would like to meet with an account representative, please don’t hesitate to call one of our offices located in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.